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Ethereal Beach Video

Explore the cosmos from your own entertainment system!

A DVD slide show of Bentley work from 2004-2006 set to music from the CD “Out Along the String.” Take a ride through the imagination of Mitchell Bentley and experience the visionary future of hope he creates… Feel the music take you away, and let yourself be drawn outward on a journey through the cosmos of the artist’s imagination. See ringed planets, colorful nebulae, galactic outposts and other-world settlements, then return to your every day reality refreshed and inspired! All the art and all the music in one single, continuous, chronological slide show. Unobtrusive titles announce the image and song name, occasionally making note of some pieces that have been published. Enjoy!

Total time: 37:47 – Check BR or DVD (or both)
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Dark Operations DVD

Dark Operations: A Dark Odyssey Begins (Indy Sci-Fi film)

In a far-flung future, Earth has finally united in peace, banned its criminal element to the outer reaches, and spread goodwill outward into the galaxy. After centuries of peace and successful first contacts, the United Earth Alliance is ill suited to encounter a more hostile species…
The pride of the UEA fleet, the USS Armstrong is a science and exploration vessel with only defensive armament. Captain Royce McGregor (Royce Essig), their jolly leader and his wife Angela (Staci Jones), the ship’s doctor, are looking forward to retirement when they receive a distress call from Gorin (Mitchell Bentley) of the pirate ship Scimitar…
McGregor's world is turned upside down in the blink of an eye… and he is seen as the perfect choice for a secret mission. He and his crew are recruited by Dark Operations, the ultra-secret military division of the United Earth Alliance charged with the task of protecting the citizens of utopian Earth.
In the series' pilot episode, “A Dark Odyssey Begins," witness the crew of the USS Armstrong set off on their way to an uncertain destiny...
Their mission: Destroy the evil race known as The Vrill before they wipe out humanity!

Both Mitch and Cathie are in this film. – Standard 4:3 ratio DVD –
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